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About us


a modern warehouse information system
supporting the development of enterprises.

The creators of RapidWMS are a team of professionals from ISK Sp. z o. o. , with a wealth of experience gained during 28 years of working with clients. During this time, we have helped our clients solve the problems that their companies have been facing.ających

In the development of RapidWMS we have used this long-standing practice acquired during the
implementation and consulting projects, during which:

each time we evaluate the current course of processes in the company

we propose effective solutions to improve the operation of the company

we select effective IT or organizational tools

Our realizations were created both on the basis of WMS-type systems – coordinating the
warehouse management and:

ERP – supporting the organization of
work in an enterprise

CRM – allowing you to manage
customer relations

BI – providing information to help
in making the right decisions

Thanks to this approach, at a certain point we became advisors who constantly cooperate with the client at every stage of the project, its implementation, ending with the management of the solution. Observing the dynamically changing market, and thus the needs of the client, we follow them, constantly expanding our knowledge of business processes and looking for solutions that can meet new challenges.

Our mission

Our mission is to support the development of businesses through the appropriate selection and comprehensive implementation of the best IT solutions. In doing so, we support business owners and managers by providing practical knowledge and innovative tools.

RapidWMS system honored with Jurassic Product of the Year award

Designed by the ISK Sp. z o. o. team, the RapidWMS system – WMS Warehouse Information System – has been recognized and awarded in the prestigious Jurassic Product of the Year Competition. Our flagship product won in the e-technology, e-services category. RapidWMS is software belonging to a class of systems whose task is to support the processes taking place in a warehouse from the moment the goods are delivered to their release..

effective warehouse management,


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