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Implementation process

Many years of experience

We have 28 years of eperience in implementing systems that support the
enterprise management.

We have developed a method for the comprehensive implementation of the customer’s needs. We use the same method when implementing RapidWMS.We do not limit ourselves only to installing the system and training its users, but we guide the Client through all the stages leading to the implementation of modern logistics solutions in his company.

Stage I

– program analysis and preparation

The first step we take is to analyze the company’s situation and prepare a “Storage Program”. This is a document containing:

  • warehouse structure analysis,
  • determining the inventory parameters, including: the number of stored assortment groups, the assortment structure of the stored groups, the size of the warehouse stock, the physical form of the goods in storage, storage conditions.
  • determination of inventory movement parameters, including: physical form of goods (on receipt, on release), demand coverage index, frequency of collections, structure of receipts, picking and releases, method of delivery and receipt, time requirements related to the storage process.

Stage II

– marking and arrangement of goods

Then we carry out the second stage of preparing the Storage Program. In this stage, the following are defined:.

  • division and method of labeling the warehouse in order to automatically identify storage places,
  • method of marking loading units with their own internal codes (where required),
  • method of arranging and arranging goods in the warehouse, procedures for: receipt, storage, picking and issuing of goods,
  • design of a wireless network to service collectors.

Stage III

– system installation and configuration

The next stages of implementing RapidWMS are identical to the implementation of a typical ERP system and include:

  • implementation of the technical infrastructure necessary for the operation of the system,
  • marking storage places in the warehouse, installation and system configuration,
  • user training,
  • supervision of system launch,
  • warranty and post-warranty care of the system.

effective warehouse management,


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