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Modern hardware solutions

Effective warehouse managment

How to effectively manage a warehouse using high-tech equipment?

The modern RapidWMS system, as a tool that improves work in the warehouse by ensuring automation of key logistics processes, has been designed in such a way that it can cooperate with technically advanced devices that can cope with the difficult conditions prevailing in warehouse spaces.

Professional equipment should therefore be characterized by high resistance to among other things:

from a height

effects of negative
and high temperature

penetration of
water and dust

Data collectors, barcode scanners, tablets and finally on-board computers mounted in warehouse vehicles such as forklifts, lifts or truck tractors. should have a special, reinforced casing and the ability to select the screen brightness parameter, so that employees can effectively use the equipment indoors or outdoors.

Having access to a modern RapidWMS system and appropriate equipment supporting its operation, if you want to ensure optimal functioning of the warehouse, it is worth using modern methods and good practices in warehouse management on a daily basis.

Supplies management

The basis from which to start is constant inventory monitoring, which is possible by providing each warehouse employee with a connection to the RapidWMS system using mobile devices, such as: portable collectors.

Work optimization

Systematic analysis of data from the analytical module of the RapidWMS system can effectively help improve warehouse processes by identifying elements that require changes and improvements..


The intuitive RapidWMS system ensures automation of logistics processes. The built-in analytical module allows you to check the most important indicators on an ongoing basis, such as demand coverage with stocks or the degree of warehouse space utilization.

Human resources

A modern warehouse equipped with a monitoring system allows for constant measurement of the load and efficiency of warehouse employees. The RapidWMS system also allows you to view the image from the camera assigned to the location(s) recording the area of the operation performed by the warehouseman. Thus, the system user has the opportunity to recreate the operation using a clip from the monitoring video after completing a document or task in the system.

Data integration

It is necessary to ensure that all data collected using mobile devices, i.e. collectors, scanners or monitoring systems, are systematically analyzed using RapidWMS. Its aim is to increase the efficiency of warehouse processes and at the same time reduce storage costs.

effective warehouse management,


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