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Friendly interface

The convenience of the RapidWMS application is provided to users by a highly intuitive interface, designed to make the use of the system in different types of warehouse spaces fast and easy.

Multifunctional management console

The management console is the main part that allows you to manage the warehouse. Through it, intra-warehouse dispositions and tasks are ordered. Defining the coordinates of warehouse locations, handling the racks used, distinguishing between batches, maintaining inventory for each location and commodity, editing warehouse documents, identifying the time of the operation and the employee performing the process, controlling the quantity of goods received/released, distributing work among employees – these are just some of the many functions of the management module.

Map of the warehouse

Warehouse map – this is one of the functions of the management console, which presents a diagram of the utility components of the warehouse with the possibility of its virtual preview.

What capabilities the warehouse map provides:

Automatic location of a specific resource

on the surface of a virtual map at the warehouse location, along with a view of other resources at the location.

Automatic location of the logistic unit

on the surface of the virtual map in the warehouse location along with the details of its resources.

Checking the level of stocking

all locations on the surface of the virtual map of the warehouse.

Automatically locate the selected code

freight in the locations of the virtual warehouse map.

Monitoring module

The monitoring module of the RapidWMS system allows you to view the image from the camera assigned to the location(s) recording the area of the operation performed by the warehouseman. The system user can recreate the operation using a clip from the monitoring video after a document or task has been executed in the system.

Forwarding module

This module was designed to enable automatic sending of information needed to generate a waybill for the carrier (courier company) in the system.

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