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RapidWMS – system with
universal use

RapidWMS is an extremely intuitive and universal system, which makes it successfully used not only by freight forwarding companies and companies in the TSL industry, but also by wholesalers and companies in the food, agricultural or petrochemical industries, among others. It is also widely used by manufacturers in the construction industry.

Food industries

Thanks to RapidWMS, warehousing goods with a short shelf life allows warehousemen to easily locate a specific batch of goods, which significantly speeds up the picking and release process. In the case of food, but also other fast-moving goods belonging to the FMCG group, it is extremely important to be able to fully trace individual batches of goods, the so-called traceability and tracking of the product life cycle, so that it is possible to quickly catch a defective batch..

Agricultural industries

Wholesalers offering diversified animal feeds from various producers, as well as seed, using RapidWMS gain first and foremost the ability to significantly improve the process of identifying where specific goods are stored in the warehouse and efficiently control inventory.

Distributors of agricultural machinery and fuel, can with RapidWMS carry out a quick inventory and improve workflow.

Construction industry

The implementation of RapidWMS in companies that manufacture construction materials, allows strict control of the batch of goods issued and full optimization of the space available in the warehouse. The manufacturer, thanks to RapidWMS, is ensured the shortest possible order picking path.

Thanks to the possibility of using a dedicated application for generating labels on packaging, products are provided with detailed information such as batch number, date of manufacture of the product. In this way, goods can be issued from one specific production batch. This is particularly important for building products such as paints, among others. In this way, the problem of differences in shades, in different batches of the same product, is eliminated.

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