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Baracode reading module

Thanks to the RapidWMS application intended for portable collectors, with a barcode reading module, all tasks generated in the RapidWMS system are sent directly to mobile data collectors.

It is on them that operations performed by warehouse workers are recorded. The effect of using mobile collectors is faster execution of warehouse operations and effective elimination of human errors related to data entry.

Intuitive graphical interface

of the application, allows you to quickly adapt the employee to new tasks. Training time is only 2-5 hours.

A visible progress bar for the execution of instructions and a list of downloaded items allows the employee to quickly determine at what stage they are. The ability to suspend instructions and send information to the application in the form of notes allows you to give priority to a particular instruction.

Warehouse management system module

RapidWMS controls the work of warehouse workers when issuing documents and performing assigned tasks. The module directs the user, following the path of the operations performed by the user by working with automatic identification devices and applying appropriate messages. Additional functions of the mobile module allow displaying the contents of a location, the contents of a logistics unit, locking/unlocking a location, or a specific stock. An important function is the ability to constantly update the correct amount of available goods by sending information about their damage. It is possible to add features for logistics units. An important feature is also the creation of intra-warehouse tasks, i.e. change of location, picking, decompletion of logistic units.

Importantly, all operations take place without traditional paper documentation. Data and documentation in electronic form are processed in the analytical module of the RapidWMS system, with the help of which warehouse reports are prepared, as well as reports showing the differences in warehouse workers’ performance.

effective warehouse management,


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